Dayna Wosk

Dayna is an amazing realtor. She enjoys dealing with both sellers and buyers but specializes in helping people find just the right home. She has grown up in the lower mainland and can offer credible insights into many of Vancouver's neighbourhoods.

As a mother of 2 Dayna understands how important a home for your family is - a place to make memories. She is committed to professional and knowledgeable service with the personal touch with every client in every price range. 

Dayna Wosk

Clair Rockel

Clair Rockel


Born and raised in Vancouver I have extensive knowledge and a deep affection for the neighbourhoods, architecture and history of this city; all of which offer benefits to both my buyers and sellers. Whether you are needing a house for your growing family, downsizing, or investing I have a proven track record and a long list of satisfied clients. I strive to help every seller get top dollar for their property and every buyer get the best value in the market.  From staging for sale to assisting with reno ideas and design contacts for a purchase... my team and I will offer our expertise every step of the way. I have achieved Medallion Club Status since 2006 and have achieved Presidents Club Status since 2012. 

Macdonald Realty Ltd. Vancouver
#1 Agents 2015 - 2017 Top Producing Agents

Presidents Club Award

Top 1% of all Realtors in REBGV
2017 - 2012

Medallion Club Award

Top 10% of all Greater Vancouver Realtors
2017 - 2008

Macdonald Realty Award of Excellence

2017 - 2007

Dayna Wosk

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Dayna is an amazing realtor. She enjoys dealing with both sellers and buyers but specializes in helping people find just the right home. She has grown up in the lower mainland and can offer credible insights into many of Vancouver's neighbourhoods.

As a mother of 2 Dayna understands how important a home for your family is - a place to make memories. She is committed to professional and knowledgeable service with the personal touch with every client in every price range. 

Marnie Quarry

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Marnie understands it’s the little things in Real Estate that matter to get the job done. Extremely detail oriented and a “jack of all trades” on a daily basis, she works with both buyers and sellers from the moment they meet, every step of the way. She guides them during the buying or selling process which can be an ever changing environment. Clients appreciate her forthcoming demeanour and trust her need to go above and beyond to ensure they will enjoy a smooth and well informed journey along the way. With patience and understanding, Marnie works hard to do her best for her clients.


Kylie Waters

Kylie is our fantastic administrative assistant. She is energetic, organized and assertive - everything we love in a person. Eager to learn the business, Kylie’s specialty is in customer service. She always strives to go above and beyond to make sure clients are satisfied and informed.

With a fresh eye for new ways to market, including social media, she brings to the table a youthful feel to the Rockel Group. She keeps us organized and current… which means she is working around the clock!


Shireen Tayob

Licensed with 10 years of experience in real estate, Shireen is eager to represent her clients along with the other members of the dynamic Rockel Group.  She has a passion for home decor and watching the market for just the perfect home. Shireen has a thorough knowledge of Vancouver as well as Greater Vancouver allowing for creative solutions for home ownership.


Thanks to you and all the team--especially Dayna--for all the effort, diligence and general awesomeness. 

- Laura

Both my wife Lela and I would highly recommend Clair Rockel and her team to anyone thinking of buying or selling a house in Vancouver.  The team recently assisted us in selling our old house in the Cambie area and downsizing into a new one.  From the start, Clair was the consummate professional.  She told us how she would go about marketing our house to achieve a maximum value and then carried through on it.  Her strategy was bang on, right down to telling us in advance the likely occupation of our buyer and the price that she would get for us, which was at the upper limits of our expectations.   She clearly knows her market! 

Not only Clair, but also her entire team,  exceeded our expectations.  It is clear that they each play an important role in their combined success.  Together they are like a well-oiled machine.  Dayna was very helpful and knowledgeable in showing us new places, while Marnie was great in helping us do the walk-through on our new place, answering contract questions, assisting at the open house, etc.   Last but certainly not least, Kylie was there at all hours, bringing us documents, answering questions and dealing with the buyer’s agent, in addition to giving lots of love to our two cats!

All in all, a very pleasant experience in guiding us  through a major life event!  Thank you all!

- Andrew and Lela

We would like to thank you for your help in selling our townhouse and finding a new house. After the frustrating and disappointing sale of our investment property, our guts were telling us, "Approach Clair, approach Clair". By seeing the properties listed by Clair selling quickly, we came to believe that her pricing must be correct. And the result was beyond our expectation! Your devotion, determination and professionalism helped us reach our goal. We appreciate your spectacular work. you are always quick, confident, supportive, extra-hard workers. You are the best real estate agents we have ever had! We can't think of any other agents to depend on in the future. It's been our pleasure and honour to work with you. We wish you further success in this industry. Thank you very, very much.

- N. and T. Nakada

Imagine that you are in Tibet, some 18 time zones from Vancouver and, due to the ownership structure of your house, there is a lawyer involved in the middle.

It is a difficult market with not many potential buyers out there and house prices are slipping away from you.  Internet communication is spotty at best and the telephone is not even worth a try.

But Clair Rockel does the impossible!

She sells your place for nearly the asking price and with a closing date that gives you time to buy your replacement property.  And she is the prime mover to see that this is also achieved for you, as she negotiates with the vendor to achieve a significant price reduction for you.

Clair comes equipped with the graceful combinations of valuable preparation, excellent marketing exposure, a formidable resolve to get the job done right for her client, superb service credentials and the ability to see the transaction completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

To say the least I am very impressed.

- R. Preston

Clair and the Rockel Group are the finest, most skilled and most trustworthy team I have ever worked with. I was having to sell long distance as I live in another city and Clair made this both possible and easy for me. With insightful and solid understanding of the market, excellent communication, respectful contact with tenants, and great efficiency this whole experience was very positive. They took care of everything. Clair and the Rockel Group are professional, personable, and skilled. I thank them and I think they are amazing!


- Janet

One word to describe The Rockel Group.....Amazing........We are a very picky, but cautious family.  Not a good combination in Vancouver's real estate market.  After seeing an open house on a Saturday and Sunday, we called Clair on Monday afternoon to get her thoughts on what the house would likely sell for and what our existing house was worth before offers on Tuesday afternoon.  Knowing our house already, her reply was that she had buyers in mind for our place and could get them in the next morning......Amazing........In just over 24 hours from the initial call, she had an unconditional offer on our house, negotiated a great price for the new house, and was able to sell the house for the buyers of our place....... Absolutely Amazing....

Thank you for everything.


- Bill & Kirsti

Clair and her team did the impossible: when we needed to have our place listed and sold in less than a day, the Rockel team worked like mad to make it happen. They not only delivered on that lofty goal, but did it in a matter of hours, and got us a selling price above our expectations! We really appreciate the help of Clair and her team provided us with both buying and selling our houses. We have no doubt in the competence and professionalism of the Rockel Team. Clair has an excellent network in the realty industry, and deep understanding of this unique housing market. We interviewed a number of the top realtors in the Vancouver West area but we decided to go with Clair in the end because she gave us the confidence that she will fight to make sure we get the absolute best deal possible. And we were right! Not many agents would be able to get us an unconditional offer to our unlisted home in a matter of hours, and closed three deals all on the same date, so we can get our dream home! We cannot thanks them enough!

- Elsa and Matt

Thanks for the great advice, motivation, contacts and hard work you put into selling our townhouse and purchasing our new home. It was invaluable. 

- Cec and Reg

I would like to thank you ladies, it was a real pleasure to work with a group of professional hard workers. I knew we would get the numbers but for me it was about doing it with the right people. It was never a house but a family home to me for 43 years so it was important for me to honor my parents and respect there hard work and sacrifices and do it right till the end.



- Nik